Nepalese Hip Hop, or NEPHOP, is the Nepali form of hip hop. Its elements include MCing, DJing, B-boying, and graffiti writing
In 2000 Rappaz Union (Sammy Samrat and Nirnaya) created the first Nepalese rap album in English. In 2003 Nurbu Sherpa released his debut album Nurbu Sherpa Representin’ K.T.M.C. (Kathmandu City), the first Nepalese hiphop album recorded in the US, for which he was nominated for a Best Music Video award. In 2004 TheUNity (Aidray and Da69) brought out their first album Girish n TheUNity presents X with Girish (Gorkhali G). It included “Shes the Bomb”,the music video of which was a major success in the local charts.

In 2003 underground rapper Aroz, based in New York City, spearheaded the Nepalese underground hip hop movement through his website (now defunct). The term “Nephop” soon gained worldwide popularity and is accepted as referring to Nepalese hiphop in general.

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