Nippon Educational Center is established on 2010 A.D. and it is trying to provide a quality education for those students who want to study in Japan. We are very proud of leading Japanese language institute (school) in Chitwan District which is known as central part of Nepal. Nepalese students have great desire to study in Japan. We may be the institution you are looking for. From now all of the students may be fulfill their dream of studying in Japan in different courses. This institute is not only for students who intend to go to Japan for further study, but also those, who love Japanese language, culture and want to use language for their personal business and other purpose. We provide Japanese language course by Professional Japanese (Native) and Nepalese teachers (Graduate from Japan). So, please join us and fulfill your dream. At last, we all the member of Nippon Educational Center commit that we would strive to give you the best. We ever welcome your suggestion and comments.


WEBSOFT NEPAL is proud to design the consultancy website in time and launch it. The organization has been benefiting more since the launch of website.

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